January 2009 in the same Warzsawa's studio "Serakos" we have recorded new album "Phantom Hunters". Album consists of 9 songs, 3 of which you can listen to right now on myspace or frype. Another mastering for the record is planned, so expect slight changes in sound. LP / CD is about to be released by Old School Kids records, LP as well by Rolling Square records this spring. In other news, OSK will release already finished DVD movie about BORA tour in ex-USSR countries as well this spring.  
  Here you can download full video of BORA performing at Dr.Green birthday show in Vilnius, "New Style" venue. Montage: Daliakas. Cameras: Kriste, Micius, Ieva ir Lina. Sound: Grigas.


New S, M and L sizes BORA shirts are now available. More info.


On 29th of February  after 1,5 year break BORA have renewed it's live activities and played a show @ A.LT alternative music awards. Now you can download video from that show with 3 new songs (cameras: Meshka, Spyglys, Jule; montage: Daliakas). The next show is schedulled on 2008.03.22 @ "New Style" club in Vilnius. Friends Dr.Green are gonna celebrate their 12th birthday there. Also playing: Inner Terrestrials from UK. Below you can read a letter from our back-to-live drummer Daliakas.



... i always believed that you learn the best lessons through experience. Never understood the saying: "fools do learn from own mistakes, smart guys learn from mistakes of others". Like a child never understands that fire hurts untill he gets hurt. I have always been curious about the very bottom. What's hidding in that so much talked, written and sang about place? I loved this whole ouevre and it's creators. Not every "smart guy" would allow himslef such a luxury - trip to the very bottom. I didn't really knew where i'm heading to, but in the back of my mind direction was definite. Once again  after becomming sober and comming back to live after long days of drinking

i learned about my "show". Girlfriend told me that i finally gave her an answer to her common question "why do you do this?". I answered: "Cuz i want to reach the very bottom". So, my point and results were clear: reactivated my nervous illness, i've blown my cyst open, lost my job, friends and relatives lost confidence in me and, finally, my love left me. I'm calm. Nothing can scare me now. Now i can take off and rise. Like Toro Bravo sings: "you only can rise up after falling down". That's the price of my lesson. But i also earned very importand experience. Finally i set myself free from trying to change my past. Without it i wouldn't be the one i am. And i don't wanna get stuck in lower layers. If next time i'm gonna reborn a man, i hope, deep in the back of my head i'm gonna keep this information and not gonna hurt people i love again just to learn the same lesson.  I also learned that everything i was fighting was me myself and my world, not some mystic wall, that i have to break down. Loving yourself doesn't necesarrily means being ego-tripper. More likelly it means being able to understand, being with others and being able to help themselfs and yourself. You cannot take no things from emptiness. Everybody is playing some kind of game: bankers or designers, family members or churchgoers. I like the game of punk-rock the most, because it's views and rules do let me be less of a servant and get less attached to non-important things. So let's play. Take care of yourselves and people you love.

with peace and love
Daliakas  2008 03 04
Samaja gja gja gja



new video of BORA performing at latvian "Zaabaks" festival in 2006 is now available here. file size: 447 mb. camera: jofke. montage: dalius.



no much nor good news. our drummer is slowly recovering from serious operation
he recently had, but it will take long time before we can start playing again.


huge thanx goes to all polish fellers who organized our polish shows and took care of us, especially Magda and Gosia from Lublin, the Figth girls and boys, Romek and Lodz crew, Alienacja and John Doe boys. there're some pics from the shows uploaded, check it out here. some more pics added from last year festivals too.


shows in Latvia this weekend were a lot of fun, check out pics from the trip. as well you can now download new BORA video that Vacys made out of material from last tour show in the end of 2005 in Minsk, Belarus.


so so, finally this long awaited update! run through pages and you'll see that this time there's not only pics and drawings that have been changed :)




to make the rumours clear about upcomming Bora Israelian tour, we're very sorry to announce that dates were postponed due to both band and tour manager problems (mostly financial). this doesn't mean "canceled", this means that we'll try to make it work out later this year, so stay tunned for updates on that.



plan of the year to finally get "Spit Into Kismet's Face" released worldwide on 12" takes solid shape. 8 labels were confirmed to take a part in this project (Kablio Muzika / Ubeliever in Lithuania, Trujaca Fala in Poland, Old School Kids in Russia, Mercy! Mercy! in Australia, Thrashbastard in Germany, Acclaim Collective in Japan, Unfun in USA and Boshet in Israel). Important thing is that lyrics will be translated for regions with different than english tounges. no date of release is set yet, but we are working on the layout and lyrics translation - expect it to come out late spring 2006. another good news is that great mexican label Exabrupto records will be releasing "Spit Into Kismet's Face" on CD for americas with translated lyrics as well.



check back later to see few videos made out of footage that nice kids in Minsk shot during our last show of the tour in Belarus. and a couple of anonymous kids in Lithuania shot video for our old song Porpaganda on their own, expect it to be uploaded along with live videos.